Which solution to optimize the electric mobility of individuals and companies?

It is possible to optimize the mobility of electric vehicle drivers with an innovative navigation solution. The use of electric sdk gps is a navigation solution capable of enhancing the driving experience of such a car. The navigation aid adapted to electric cars is a tool capable of anticipating vehicle charging needs. It is specially designed for electric cars and optimizes driver movement.

GPS electric vehicle: an effective tool to optimize electric mobility

Thanks to the navigation solution for electric vehicles, drivers benefit from an innovative geolocation system. The device improves the efficiency of travel in this type of car. These devices include a set of features that can optimize and simplify the electric mobility of professionals and individuals. The driving mobility assistance application is useful for individuals, companies and communities. The GPS electric vehicle has various specific features in this kind of car model. This technology reassures the driver, optimizes and simplifies the use of the car. The main functionality of the electric sdk gps is based on the estimation of the energy cost according to a determined route. The energy cost assessment takes into account several elements: battery charge level, driving profile, road topography, vehicle type, outside temperature, ability to recover energy during braking or descent... The navigation aid system also presents in real time the range area also called the vehicle's reachability area. This accurately calculated calculation varies depending on the position of the car, the battery charge level and the estimated energy consumption. This product is useful for electric vehicles and displays charging stations. It can search for boundaries around a geolocation. You can refine the search by providing some details: accepted means of payment, desired power, recharge card used, cost of service... When you have to make a long trip requiring several recharges, the application evaluates the terminals near the trip. It adapts the route so that it is optimized according to the selected stations.

Why use a special GPS electric vehicle?

Drivers of electric vehicles can use an adapted navigation tool to simplify the driving of this type of car. This navigation solution provides traditional GPS guidance and functions useful for electric cars. The navigation aid tool is suitable for different types of travel: daily trip, medium or long distance destination, unexpected deviation... The tool is able to adapt to several parameters in order to allow you to reach your destination in complete serenity. With the server and webservices, local authorities and companies use energy consumption services. This service is able to evaluate the electrical route and the reachability area using existing solutions. To optimize a route, you need very sophisticated algorithms and a system capable of performing several route simulations. This calculation takes into account various parameters in order to find the best route. To achieve this, an intelligent server with high computing capabilities is needed to achieve the best result. The business solutions offered by SDK GPS electric are aiming to optimize routes or manage a fleet of electric vehicles. All these functionalities take into account the specificities of the client's business. The principle of GPS designed for electric mobility is that it incorporates an algorithm capable of optimizing the range of an electric vehicle. The professional vehicle geolocation device calculates the best routes to save batteries. Traditional GPS models simply calculate the shortest and fastest route. On the other hand, devices designed for the use of electric vehicles evaluate fuel-expending journeys as a priority. This criterion is important considering how limited the autonomy of these car models is still. The distance decreases according to other criteria: the average speed and the outside temperature. For the latter, the range of an electric car decreases when it is cold. Other factors influencing the car's range include road gradients, number of passengers, vehicle weight or traffic jams.

Efficiency of the navigation solution for electric vehicles

Drivers can install a navigation application to optimize travel. Thanks to this application, consumers benefit from a serious tool capable of assisting them in the use of electric cars. These GPS models are suitable for driving peacefully during more distant or unexpected journeys. The application takes into account several parameters: type of driving, outside temperature, car model or road topography. The program useful for electric mobility is a GPS navigation system developed to allow the car driver to operate his vehicle. The software includes several features: location and choice of charging stations, GPS guidance taking into account the autonomy of the car, evaluation of the energy itinerary, possible stops at stations and refueling times... The application also includes the coverage area accessible from the autonomy allowed by the battery's charge level. When operators allow it, this service includes a system for reserving charging stations.

GPS electric vehicle for professionals

The many GPS navigation applications make it easy for companies to work. The GPS electric vehicle is designed to facilitate the management of companies. He is in charge of optimizing mobile resources. There is indeed an application connected to a Web services platform that offers many advantages. This version optimizes and assigns the consumption of electric cars. The platform is also capable of managing a fleet of charging stations and administering a fleet of electric vehicles. The integration of the existing solution is simplified thanks to a set of Web services, API or SDK compatible functionalities. The development of applications to simplify electric mobility plays an important role for individuals, craftsmen and companies with delivery fleets. This software is compatible with all models available on the market. The list of compatible cars is extended when models appear on the market. Geolocation services provide the company with useful information. In particular, it is a relevant solution to optimize employee travel. These tools increase production by reducing vehicle kilometers. By regularly offering short trips, the driver will be able to optimize his time. Reducing trips also reduces the cost of maintaining the electric car.

Embedded solutions to find charging stations

Special GPS electric vehicles are applications that include services useful to owners of environmentally friendly cars. These solutions offer useful features such as programs to find charging stations. Car manufacturers also invest in the installation of bollards. There are about 400 superchargers from Tesla. These are spread across Europe. The German manufacturer BMW has set up a service of 7000 terminals in the country. As far as Renault is concerned, Zoe owners can recharge their electric vehicles in one of the fast charging stations available in each of its dealerships. To find all these electrical terminals, simply navigate and configure your special GPS equipment for electric vehicles. It should be noted that, as with traditional GPS, some models can be used as a plotter. The electric guidance application is intended for both professional and consumer use.
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