What are the models of electric cars?

When you're looking for a vehicle, you need to evaluate your price range and driving needs. Electric vehicles are fun, convenient and connected. And since the power grid is available almost everywhere, there are a variety of options for charging, at work or on the road.

All-electric vehicles

As its name suggests, an all-electric car runs on electricity only. Its greatest asset is to produce zero emissions. This electric car model is very practical on the consumption side and on the environmental side. However, the battery must be recharged for several hours and its range is limited. Most models can only cover 100 to 150 km after loading. Electric cars can therefore be used in cities and towns or for short journeys, but cannot meet everyone's needs at this time. It is one of the most sought-after 2018 electric cars.

The standard hybrid

The hybrid car has been in existence for nearly 20 years now. It has two engines, an electric one and a petrol or diesel thermal engine, which it uses as required. Depending on the level of hybridization of these two engines, these vehicles are referred to as micro-hybrids, soft hybrids or complete hybrids. In full hybrid mode, which is the most common car model, the electric motor is used to start the vehicle and to drive at low speed. The car can therefore drive in electric mode for one or two kilometers. After that, the gasoline engine takes over. The electric motor of this 2018 electric car only recharges when the vehicle is in motion, in particular by recovering the energy released when the driver breaks.

The plug-in hybrid

The plug-in hybrid car is an electric car available on the automotive market since 2012. It operates like a standard hybrid car, except that it can be charged directly and quickly for about two hours using a standard electrical outlet. This increases its range in electric mode, so it can cover between 20 and 60 km. It is time to drive in a city or town without carbon dioxide emissions. Compared to the standard hybrid, this 2018 electric car is known as plug-in that increases your comfort, especially. In terms of emissions, it feels a little better, as long as you drive well and use the electric motor as much as possible.
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