Car rental in England

In this article, we will inform you about the best conditions to rent your vehicle. You can also find some of the car rental offers of each city in England. Visit and learn further more information about car hire in the UK.

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Driving in the United Kingdom England has only one small problem, they drive in the opposite direction..., and the steering wheel is upside down... Otherwise the roads and motorways are in very good condition, and are among the best in Europe to drive despite adverse weather conditions.

Speed limits in England

Speeds are measured in miles per hour (mph), with the speed limit being 70 mph on highways, 60 mph on national highways, and 30/40 mph in urban areas. Therefore, our advice and recommendations are: beware of roundabouts (border on the left), when driving and overtaking (from left to right) and when entering the road to avoid going in the opposite direction. The fast lanes are on the right.

Other things to keep in mind

Parking in the enabled areas and purchasing parking tickets to avoid fines. Vouchers must be visible on the dashboard. Avoid fines as traffic regulations in England apply severe penalties. There are surveillance cameras and radars on motorways and main road routes. There are numerous petrol stations, some of which are open 24 hours at motorway exits. Tolls are frequent, in particular a fee is charged to drivers who want to enter London on working days. Similarly, crossing the main bridges also includes a toll, such as some crossing the Thames. At 17 you can drive cars and motorcycles, with 18 larger vehicles, and with 21 buses and heavy trucks. With our driving license we can rent cars, but we must be at least 21 years old. The belt is mandatory all seats. Renting a car in England is really simple and we make it easy for you. In the same airports we will be able to rent cars, in addition in the main cities like London, Manchester and Liverpool are present the main and most important international companies dedicated to the rent of cars. We believe that it is advisable to rent a car in advance, in order to avoid language difficulties and other problems that may arise.
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