Before leaving on vacation, don’t forget to check your car!

Before going on holiday, it is important to carry out certain checks to ensure that the journey goes smoothly, such as the level of brake fluid, oil, the condition of windscreen wipers, brakes, air conditioning, etc. But you must also change your oil before leaving. Find out why quickly!

The importance of emptying the vehicle’s engine

Changing a car involves removing used oil from your vehicle's engine and replacing it with a new one. The oil filter must also be changed during this operation because otherwise it would contaminate the new oil. It can also be completed by changing the air, cabin and diesel filters. All this can be included in an emptying package. Engine oil has several functions in your car: - Lubrication of mechanical engine parts - The removal of impurities present in the engine - Engine cooling through lubrication - Corrosion prevention It is important to know that as you travel more and more kilometers, the oil level decreases and it becomes contaminated. Not draining your car is therefore a major risk for it. Driving with too low an oil level or with too used oil can damage your car's engine. Under these conditions, the engine clogs quickly and deteriorates until it breaks. So, if you don't want your holiday to turn into a fiasco, if you find yourself stopping on the side of the road and with significant expenses on your car that you didn't anticipate, it's better to change your oil before you leave. This is the guarantee of a serene stay that you can fully enjoy!

How to achieve it?

You have the opportunity to maintain your car yourself, but to do so, you need good mechanical knowledge and the necessary equipment such as four candles to raise your car, a drain pan, a strap wrench... then you have to dispose of used oil in appropriate places such as the waste collection center or a car center. If you cannot meet all these conditions, it is better to let a professional do it. You have the possibility to go to your usual garage because emptying is a common operation that any garage knows how to do, in a garage belonging to your manufacturer's network or in a car center. In any case, the professional to whom you entrust your car will be able to choose the most suitable oil for you, taking into consideration its composition and viscosity so that it is suitable for your car and meets the standards imposed by the manufacturer. In addition, during this interview, the professional will not only drain your car, he will also check more than 50 check points and do the different levels. In this way, you reduce the risk of breakdown when you go on holiday. This is an opportunity to have the most important points checked and any necessary repairs carried out before leaving for the road.

The price of serenity

From one professional to another, the price of the emptying package may vary. It also depends on the type of vehicle you own but on average it costs between 200 and 300 €. So do not hesitate to make several quotes before making your choice. But don't just look at the price because professionals often include other services in the draining package. Take a good look at what everyone is offering for the asking price. Knowing that you are going on holiday afterwards, it may be wise to do a complete overhaul rather than just an oil change. Thus, the garage will replace filters, wear parts, upgrade or replace liquids, carry out an in-depth electronic diagnosis, check all safety devices and reset the maintenance indicator on your car. Then you can take the road with complete peace of mind!

Should I do it now?

If your oil change has been done recently, it is not necessarily necessary to do another one before going on holiday. Indeed, it must be done at least once a year or every 10,000 to 30,000 km depending on what is recommended in your car's maintenance logbook. It is therefore necessary to do it before going on holiday if you are approaching this threshold of kilometers or if it has not been done for more than a year. But, even if it is not necessary, it is always better to do a check.
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