5 European Islands to visit by motorcycle

No need to go to the other side of the world to enjoy wild coasts, picturesque landscapes and heavenly beaches. Indeed, there are very beautiful islands to discover by motorcycle accessible relatively easily from France. Almost all of them being Mediterranean choose a spring or autumn trip to avoid hot weather, tourist inflows and soaring prices. On the other hand, to travel by motorcycle on an island, two solutions are available to you. Either you transport your own motorcycle by boat, or you prefer to rent it on site. Finally, many specialized travel agencies offer organized motorcycle road-trips. Nevertheless, the accessibility of destinations allows you to easily organize your trip by yourself to reduce your budget.

Corsica by motorcycle

Often described as a biker's paradise, Corsica offers sublime landscapes and winding roads of great variety. Whether you ride trail, sports or road, there will necessarily be a suitable circuit. Known as dangerous; Corsican roads are full of tight bends regularly populated by cows, pigs or goats. Caution is therefore required. By favouring secondary routes, you will discover the most picturesque corners, dotted with small villages perched in the mountains. Depending on your vehicle's range, be sure to check out the gas stations. These can be rare on some less touristic portions. Allow about a week to complete the complete tour of Corsica at a relaxed pace. So, you will enjoy the road while saving time for a little sightseeing or an afternoon at the beach. From the wild coasts to the small mountainous roads, it would be a pity missing Cape Corsica, Calvi, Bonifacio, Porto Vecchio, Bastia, and Ile Rousse... From May onwards, tourists flock to the end of September. To sleep in the hotel it is therefore necessary to book early. On the other hand, the many campsites should be able to accommodate you quite easily. In July and August, the heat makes it difficult to wear the equipment and the crowds are also on the roads... Generally speaking, plan a ventilated summer equipment to be comfortable on the handlebars.

Road-trip in Sardinia

Sardinia, an island shaped by winds, sea and vegetation, is one of those lands particularly suitable for motorcycling. Sometimes referred to as a "small continent" for the diversity of its landscapes, it hides unsuspected natural and historical riches. A kind of melting pot between Corsica, Provence, Catalonia and even Morocco, Sardinia has an essentially Mediterranean climate. Indeed, it never rains very long and the wind is omnipresent. Easily accessible from Toulon, Marseille or Corsica, it is a cheap destination that allows you to travel with your own motorcycle. The quality of the surfaces is conducive to riding, making it a perfect region for a motorcycle trip at any speed. In addition, the winding roads of the mountain ranges interspersed with wide plateaus will satisfy all types of motorcyclists. A full tour of the island will take you less than a week. But plan a few more days to make a trip inland and enjoy relaxing on the beautiful beaches. Leaving with your tent allows more autonomy and a much lower budget. However, in June prices are still quite low and the climate beautiful and warm. On the other hand, rates can double in July and August.

Sicily, wild Italy

Are you looking for discoveries and the unknown without going to the other side of the world, go drive in Sicily? From cities steeped in history to the turquoise waters of the beaches, Sicily is full of riches. The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, its location guarantees a hot and dry climate. Only the proximity of Etna brings freshness and even much lower temperatures in the refuges. As with any motorcycle trip, appropriate clothing will protect you from unpleasant surprises. Being in a mountainous region, we will find a majority of winding and steep roads. Travel times are therefore lengthened and it is easy to reach days of 5 hours of driving to barely 170km. Take this into account when preparing your road-book in order to keep time to rest and enjoy local sights. So, count about ten days to visit the whole island. Roads can become trapped in the central part of the island due to subsidence if they are relatively well maintained. In addition, local driving encourages great caution, especially in the city. Even if all motorcycles allow you to enjoy the island, the trail is probably the best choice. Indeed, it will allow easier access to certain corners.
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