How to find a second-hand car representative around Lille, in France?

Buying a car abroad can have many advantages, especially in terms of prices. Nevertheless, the legal steps that this implies constitute a real obstacle that dissuades many people from doing so. Using a representative is then a mandatory step to facilitate this type of procedure.

What is the role of a car representative?

We often confuse used car representative and car dealer. However, there are several differences between these two areas of activity. The most important feature of the agent is his ability to find you a car in the brand of your choice, at a time when the dealer is limited to a single brand. Even if a second-hand agent offers many models in several international car brands, he is nevertheless free to set his own prices. Rates are always well negotiated, especially since the agent often buys in batches of several cars. Moreover, since cars are purchased in foreign countries, the professional can benefit from a very profitable tax reduction to display prices that are unbeatable. The concessionaire, for its part, cannot exceed the 15% reduction since it cannot benefit from this tax reduction.

Attractive car representative and prices

Even if you have not yet used an agent, you are probably interested in this option, which is very popular. This enthusiasm is justified by the reduced prices that this reseller offers. It is even said that it is very difficult to find cheaper elsewhere. On closer examination, the reasons why prices are so low are rather plausible and convincing. For an agent, buying a used car is not a retail purchase. The order includes a lot with a large number of vehicles. With such a large purchase, getting a small discount is not difficult. This market includes all countries belonging to the European Union. This makes the offer even more consistent and conducive to negotiation. Moreover, a car agent does not need storage space or showroom. Its expenses are then significantly reduced compared to those of a concessionaire. No wonder then that its discounts can reach 40%: an unimaginable percentage if you choose any other intermediary. Last point: You do not even have to take charge of the negotiation process, it is the agent who takes care of it for you and ends up offering you the most satisfactory rate.

A turnkey service

Using the services of a car representative is the guarantee of a turnkey solution. The professional has the necessary knowledge to ensure that the car complies with the information obtained. This results in a lot of work to carry out the legal procedures for the acquisition of your new vehicle. Your car will then be delivered to the address of your choice: your place of residence or work. You can also benefit from the warranty issued by the manufacturer and which you can benefit from regardless of your geographical area. In the event of a problem, you will be able to go immediately to the brand's garage nearest to your location.
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