Buying tires: compare prices online

Online retailers now claim 15% of the tire market in France. Specialty retailers are not to be outdone and are posted on the Internet to sell their products. Speed, proximity of self-partner centers, services offered, promotions, availability, the arguments in favor of online sales are not lacking. How to sort through the growing profusion of offers for the same dimensions? It is by using a dial indicator.

The sale of tires online

To buy tires, you must go through one of the following sales channels: - Generalist self-help centers - Specialized dealers - The garages - Dealers and after-sales network of car manufacturers - Online sellers The latter now represent more than 15% of the French market, where 31.2 million units were sold in 2018. Their main advantage: they offer thousands of references at the most competitive prices. They are taking an increasing share of the market, to the detriment of other channels. For dealers, specialized dealers and traditional car centers, displaying & selling online has even become a must, as the tire only represents a premium product towards more profitable additional services. The online service allows you to validate your tire order online and then make an appointment at one of the company's assembly centers. While the price differential argument is verified in relation to manufacturers' after-sales networks, it is less and less so in relation to generalist and specialized car centers. The argument has shifted to the side of ancillary services (assembly, balancing) and proximity to the motorist. The tire price comparison is your ally in sorting through the profusion of offers.

Online comparators: who are they?

Tire comparison systems are simply online platforms that list sellers and compare their offers. Their use is simple: - Use the search tools to identify the tire according to your vehicle or, if you already know what you are looking for, the tire reference - Browse through the offers in descending order, examining the conditions of sale, availability and offer of a solution for assembly - You are redirected to the seller's site, where you validate your order, pay and make an appointment at the partner assembly center nearest you.

Why to use a comparator?

Yes, competing for the cheapest tire is not new. So what is the point of online comparators? (1) The rational search for the best price. The price of tires is often the number one purchasing criterion among brands that are generally classified as "premium", "quality" and "budget". Of course, the Internet user is looking among the Chinese budget tire brands, but the research focuses above all on the cheapest models of premium brands, through promotions, flash sales... which are regularly offered. (2) The question of availability, especially for the less common dimensions and profiles. Availability is also an important purchasing criterion. It concerns both the argument of stocks (well understood by specialized centers and therefore well placed in their sales arguments) and the delivery time (not to exceed 72 hours). (3) The search for the best service (or in other words, the insurance of retaining only products with an assembly solution, or even other ancillary services). Assembly is indeed a professional matter, it is not recommended to do it at home. The interest is as much for the consumer as for the seller, for whom the tire remains an attractive product, allowing them to offer additional services during assembly.
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